09/02/2012 - After some months of delay, we have finally released "The Altar of Sculpted Skulls" on MCD through Pulverised Records. You can order your copy on Pulverised online store (http://pulverised.bigcartel.com/product/graveyard-the-altar-of-sculpted-skulls-super-jewel-box-mini-cd ) or Pulverised EBAY Store ( http://www.ebay.com/itm/GRAVEYARD-Altar-Sculpted-Skulls-AUTOPSY-CARNAGE-DEATH-ASPHYX-/270909695568?pt=Music_CDs&hash=item3f1379e650#ht_745wt_969 ). The band just finished the recordings for a Split with polish ULCER. The new full lenght is on the making. We just need to rehearse it and probably we will start the recordings in 2 months or so, stay tuned!!!!.

24/03/2011 - After some months of endless delays & bullshit, we're proud to announce that we have signed with Pulverised Records & Doomentia Records for our next release, an MCD/MLP called "The Altar of the Sculpted Skulls" which should be released on the next few days on MCD (Pulverised). The vinyl will appear few weeks after through Doomentia Records. There's also another split tape with NECRO released by italian maniacs Unholy Domain Records that should be ready preeety soon. Finally, an official bootleg vinyl called "Death After Live" will be put out by chinese Psychedelic Lotus Order in 200 copies in the next few weeks. No future shows announced yet... Probably we will wait until our next full lenght will be ready. Death On!

03/06/2010 - It's been a while since we updated our shit here! Right now we are rehearsing 4 new tracks + 2 covers (CELTIC FROST / MOTÖRHEAD) that will be be featured in 2 splits, one with NECRO (ITA) for Unholy Domain Records and another one with WINTERWOLF (FIN) for Doomentia Records. A third one with REDIMONI (ESP) (Antichristian Front Records) should be available sometime in 2010... There won't be more shows in the upcoming months, we want to focus 100% in writing & rehearsing the new stuff. Cheers & Metal to the Death! 

12/09/2009 -  Finally, after some months of hard working, we can update the website properly. As you probably know, we have finally released our first full lenght called "One with the Dead" (Blackseed Productions). Expect vinyl / tape version soon!. On 31st October, GRAVEYARD will play with PROCLAMATION and belgian GOAT TORMENT in Sabadell (Barcelona), be thre or die slowly!!!. 2 more splits have been scheduled for the upcoming months; One with REDIMONI (Antichristian Front Records) and another one with NOMINON (Cyclone Empire Records). More cool news soon...

25/01/2009 - Both Splits have been finally released!!! GRAVEYARD / TERRORIST 7" Split (Iron Bonehead Productions) & GRAVEYARD / DEATHEVOKATION 7" Split (Nuclear War Now! Productions). Order it to us or askfor both items at Iron Bonehead and Nuclear War Now! websites!!!!.

26/12/2008 - GRAVEYARD will perform a few shows in the upcoming months together with bands like NOMINON, HORRID, FORNICATION, VISCERAL DAMAGE, KAAMOS, NECROS CHRISTOS, HATE... Check out the Live dates!!!.

30/09/2008 - GRAVEYARD will perform together with finnish maniacs LIE IN RUINS and the thrashers of METRALLA at Sabadell (Barcelona) on 7th November 2008!!!

15/09/2008 - GRAVEYARD will not finally play at Berlin. We prefer to focus on our show at the Martohell Fest just the day after here in Barcelona. Anyway, we will play in Berlin around March/April 2009, more news about it soon!!! Sorry for the german Old Schoolers!.

15/08/2008 - GRAVEYARD will be playing at Martohell's Fest on 4th October together with such cool acts like ARTILLERY, NECRODEATH, GIRLSCHOOL, SILVER FIST and some other local acts, be there or die!

28/07/2008 - GRAVEYARD will support mighty HAIL OF BULLETS on Barcelona, on October, see the show list!

21/07/2008 - Our long time scheduled Split 7" with german/american godz DEATHEVOKATION will be finally release through Nuclear War Now! Productions soon! GRAVEYARD will be featured with the song "What Dwells Beneath" and DEATHEVOKATION will record their stuff this August.

29/06/2008 - 2 more songs have been recorded; "Howl Of The Black Death" & "Wormfeast". Those recordings will be featured in the upcoming Split 7" GRAVEYARD is going to release in the next few months with TERRORIST and REDIMONI through Iron Bonehead Productions and Antichristian Front Records, respectively. Both 7" will include a brand new song + a live song.

14/06/2008 - Website Online!!

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